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The finest driving school in Broadmeadows

Imagine being able to drive anywhere you want to go. Well, when it comes to driving, we help people in becoming self-reliant. Learner 2 Licence is a leading driving school in Broadmeadows, and we’ve had the pleasure of working with hundreds of students. If you too are looking for a reliable driving school, come connect with us.

Learner 2 Licence has been proudly serving the people of Broadmeadows for many years now. We use industry-best training modules to help students in mastering every aspect of driving. We start slow by helping students learn the basics on residential streets, like lane control, taking turns, and stopping at the right sign. Once they are confident, we take them to city streets. Our driving school in Broadmeadows has few of the best driving instructors around, who have years of experience in the domain and understand the psyche of the students. Our trainers maintain a fun atmosphere so that students feel more at ease when they are behind the wheel. That is not all! We at Learner 2 Licence offer quality training at affordable rates. Our curriculum is fine-tuned to meet every student’s driving needs, whether he is a newbie or someone with experience just trying to hone his driving skills.

Why choose our esteemed driving school in Broadmeadows?

  • Our lessons are designed to teach you everything about the road rules, and the penalties in place for breaking the rules.
  • Whether you are a new driver or someone with prior driving experience, our curriculum suits everyone’s needs.
  • You can choose any of our male or female driving instructors, and can even change your trainer midway through the training if you are not comfortable with his or her training method.
  • We focus on helping students’ master safe driving skills, and never compromise with the quality of our training.
  • All our packages at our driving school in Broadmeadows are competitively priced.