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A reliable driving school in Glenroy

Learner 2 Licence is a quality driving school in Glenroy, and we specialize in classroom training, as well as on-road training. Our tailored curriculum is designed to help all – who know nothing about driving, as well as those who have a basic understanding of the dos and don’ts of being behind the wheel. Our certified and experienced instructors have come up with a unique road-ready curriculum that harps on developing road skills for the test, how to stop the vehicle, using turn signals, changing lanes, parking, and more.

At our driving school in Glenroy, we have male as well as female instructors. Whether you want to learn to drive a manual or an automatic vehicle, our instructors will help you hone your skills and prepare you well for your test. We offer relaxed classroom training that includes modern teaching methods for students to develop an interest in driving and not hesitate when getting into the difficult aspects of the training.

We offer flexible training schedules and our packages are attractively priced.

Why choose our esteemed driving school in Glenroy?

  • Learner 2 Licence provides quality driver training to people of all age groups.
  • Our fun, interactive classes are designed to inculcate safe driving habits in students.
  • Our instructors lay emphasis on defensive driver training and proactive decision-making.
  • Our driving school in Glenroy includes both male and female trainers.
  • We combine hands-on training with proper reading materials, thereby providing a complete understanding of the road rules and the penalty that you may face for not following them.
  • We offer one-on-one driving lessons and flexible hours for classes.
  • We have different modes of payment for your convenience.