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A reliable and affordable driving school in Tullamarine

Learner 2 Licence is at the forefront of driver education. We offer comprehensive driver training for teens new to driving, as well as defensive driving classes for those who wish to hone their driving skills ahead of the final test. We are one of the most reliable driving schools in Tullamarine. Our curriculum is geared to help you succeed. Our quality driver training classes save money and lives. The curriculum is intended to educate students on appropriate driving techniques and help them acquire the right driving skills so that they feel comfortable behind the wheel.

Being one of the few good driving schools in Tullamarine, we are committed to providing our students the most effective driver training. From in-car training to study aids, we hope to lead by example and create confident drivers. Our study materials are backed by extensive research, and we have many professionally trained driving instructors on our roster, ready to help you get going in no time. At Learner 2 Licence, we’ve put together a program that helps people feel safe and confident knowing they’re learning from the best.

Why choose our driving school in Tullamarine?

  • We at Learner 2 Licence offer fun, educational, and interactive in-class and in-car driving lessons.
  • Ours is a certified driving school in Tullamarine, and we aim to create confident, safe, and knowledgeable drivers.
  • We offer tailored lessons for students depending on the flexibility of their schedule.
  • Our vehicles regularly undergo maintenance and safety checks prior to being taken out for lessons.
  • We offer to pick you up for your driving lesson and drop you off when it’s over, anywhere within the city limits of Tullamarine.
  • We offer flexibility, reliability, and prompt courteous service to all.
  • We offer industry-best driving lessons at affordable prices, making us the best driving school in Tullamarine.
  • Our vision is to ensure the safety of drivers and continue to make Tullamarine a safer place for everyone.