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    in education training ride a Car.

    L2 License Fast Trak has over 8 years of experience in the field of driving instruction

    L2Licence Fast Track services all of the Western and Northern Suburbs of Melbourne,
    so we can cater to your needs no matter where you live.
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1st Stage Learner

The first stage on the journey to a full driver licence is to pass a test on the road code that’ll give you a learner licence,so you can get some yellow L plates you need to display on your car and start learning to drive with a supervisor or instructor.

  • Start the car
  • Operate the controls
  • Use mirrors correctly
  • Reverse car smoothly
  • Watch out for other drivers
  • Stop the car in a set position
  • Drive smoothly in a set path

2nd Stage Learner

When you think you are ready to sit your Restricted Licence Test We are able to teach you the following:

  • Left turns
  • Entering / exiting roundabouts
  • U turns
  • Parallel parking
  • Understanding and obeying signs
  • Lane changes / head turns
  • 3 point turns
  • 45 deg and 90 deg parking

3rd Stage Learner

If you have a restricted licence, you can start getting ready for your full licence.The main thing is to remember you are still learning.We will take it through with an experienced driver to ensure you are competent when it comes to:

  • Drive unassisted
  • Keep up with traffic flow
  • Understanding tram rules
  • Doing hook turns
  • Change lanes on by roads
  • Parallel parking between 2 cars
  • Judging traffic gaps
  • Navigation skills


For any kind of enquiry or quote please call us on 0433 051 267